GIBICTS Center for Youth Development (GCYD) started about 18 years ago when the founder established a computer Training school Called Magacom. The school first started in Koforidua in 1998 as Magacom Computer Training with a Branch in Konongo. In the year approximately a 3 acre land at a Village called Adadekrom in the Birim North District of the Eastern Region which he intended using it for his cottage. The intension was to develop the land for the cultivation of Vegetables, Animal Husbandry, Fish Farming and other aspect
2009, Magacom Computer Training was moved to Birim North District, New Abirem and changed its name to Global Institute of Business and ICT Studies (GIBICTS). Its core business was to train people especially the youth to become not just computer literate but also competent to make them employable in the society. It was also designed for them to gain knowledge in ICT to be successful in this computer world.
Alongside the journey, the founder added Agribusiness to the core function because of his background and interest he had in Agribusiness. He was able to acquire an of agriculture to earn a living alongside his permanent job (Newmont Ghana Gold Ltd., Akyem Mine) He also acquired a 14 acre land for both Cocoa and oil Palm cultivation. All the above intensions were successfully implemented on the said lands.

In 2013 the founder was made redundant by his employer which made him take the Agribusiness and the IT training as his permanent jobs. He also joined an international club called Optimist International which main mission is to provide hope and positive vision to bring out the best in the youth. He is the President and founder of the club in the eastern part of Ghana. His participation in the club’s activities made him recognize the potentials he has in helping bring the best in the youth. This also made him realize the potentials and resources God has giving him to help the deprived youth. He then decided to us the resources to build their capacity and empower them to face the world’s challenges. This gave birth to GIBICTS CENTER FOR YOUTH DEVELOPMENT.

GIBICTS Center for Youth Development is being set up to expand the work of GIBICTS in the others fields of training so that more youth can be imparted with the knowledge in ICT, Agribusiness and other Vocational/Technical Skills training programs. This would enable them become self-employed or gain employment in either the public or private sectors.

Now, GCYD has a land of about 3 acres to establish this Training Center. We can also boost of a four acre land which is about 200 meters from the training ground for our demonstration farms (Fish farming, Vegetable Production, Animal Husbandry and Poultry Production). Is our vision that, by the next five years, we would have an ultra-modern training center with hostel facilities for our apprenticeship and internship programs. Our Long-Term Goal is to help Ghana achieve a higher rate of youth employment and reduce poverty by the year 2025.


To develop and build the capacity of the underprivileged youth through apprenticeship programs in the field of ICT, Agribusiness, and Vocational/Technical to promote self-employment and other forms of employment. This is hopefully to reduce youth unemployment and the rate of poverty in Ghana and Africa as a whole.


To create a platform for unearthing the innate potentials of the individual as well as giving the individual the opportunity of becoming the best of him or herself.


Respect for one another, dignity, trust, integrity and commitment to service.


  • To develop optimism as a philosophy of life among the youth
  • To empower and build the capacity of the youth to enhance employability of unemployed young people by providing trainings in the field of ICT, Agriculture and other apprenticeship training programs to improve vocational and technical skills, employment services and by promoting entrepreneurship
  • To help reduce the rate of youth unemployment in Ghana
  • To create interest of the youth in the field of Agriculture, Vocational/Technical Skills and Information Technology as a means of facing the world’s challenges.
  • To aid and encourage the development of youth, in the belief that the giving of one’s self in service to others will advance the well-being of humankind, community life and the world.


Ghana holds a population of about 26 million persons. About 60% of these populations are in their youthful ages and mostly unemployed. John Yaw Amankrah, Assistant Chief Statistician and Head of Labour Statistics, Ghana Statistical Service argues in a 2012 CEPA briefing paper that “about 60 per cent of the unemployed in Ghana can be found in the 15-24 years age group. This makes Ghana’s youth unemployment rate one of the highest in the world.”

A number of factors account for the growing youth unemployment in Ghana. Historical evidence indicates that youth unemployment in Ghana is due to, a more than a threefold increase in the youthful population over the last 50 years, and on the other hand, failure of the economy to generate sufficient employment outlets. Also, the high rate of unemployment can be attributed to the country’s educational system, which tends to leave most graduates with unemployable skills during their basic, secondary and sometimes tertiary education. The core function of GCYD is to help mitigate such problems of the youth in Ghana.


Our Programs provide a three-month in classroom and practical vocational training and internship opportunities for different occupations (Agriculture, ICT and other Vocational/Technical Trainings) and offers a one-month entrepreneurial training, start-up funding (loan), mentoring and coaching for participants who wish to start income generation activities. After graduation, participants receive job counselling and match with potential employers. The intervention also provides capacity building to local communities and non-governmental organization.

GCYD aims to improve the capacity of youth both in and out of school, and enable them to create their own income-generating activities through a multi-faceted training programme.
GIBICTS Center for Youth Development” provides a varied training programme to school-aged youth in Ghana. The end goal for the youth is either to obtain employment or undertake an income-generating activity.


Age group targeted by the Programme
Mainly youth groups but we also organize short programs for farmers associations without any age limit.

Age bracket of beneficiaries
From 18 to 35 for the youth programs

Total number of beneficiaries of the programme per round or batch
50 participants per program at a period of three month

Gender considerations
Gender is not a criterion for participation in the programme

Disability considerations
Disability is not a criterion for participation in the programme. High preference is given to the disability youth in the fields of ICT, Vocational and Technical Skills Training.

Ethnic considerations
Ethnicity is not a criterion for participation in the programme

Targeting of the Intervention towards low income individuals
The Intervention targets primarily low income individuals

Targeting of the Intervention towards individuals with low education or out of school
Education level is not a criterion for participation in the programme for the Agribusiness and the Vocational/Technical Training