Our environment as we have it has all the factors for human survival. From the air we breathe, the water we drink and the foods we consume, all are products of our environment. It is therefore necessary for us to manage our resources to sustain life on earth. Man, through various exploitations have in one way or the other caused harm to the environment. Technological advancement although has many merits, poses lots of threats to our environment. All of these are inevitable, therefore it becomes necessary for us to put in measures to sustain our environment and management our resources well. One of such harms being done to the environment is land degradation. Various activities such as mining, continuous planting on our lands without fallow are destroying our lands immensely, hence posing threats to resources on our lands and human existence.

GIBICTS Center for Community and Youth Development, as part of our aim to improve Environmental Sustainability has located a degraded area at Adadekrom, in the Birirm North District, in the Eastern Region of Ghana and aims to replenish the area through a land reclamation project. This will restore the land which was degraded through illegal mining activities in the area, to be used as forest and farm lands.

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