GCCYD ICT Training

The main objective of GCYD ICT Training is to provide training to young people on basic Information and Communication Technology skills and how to use these skills to start a business. The programme targets the youth between 18 – 35yrs.
The intervention provides ICT skills-based training in classes. The training runs for 6 months. Participants learn about the various basic packages, web design applications and basic entrepreneurship training and advisory services. The intervention provides free internet access to the youth. Some of the beneficiaries receive small grants to start a business. The project has also a library where the youth are able to access reading materials and newspapers to increase their knowledge on ICT.
Through this Program, participants would acquire basic knowledge in ICT to mitigate the problems of computer illiteracy which leads to unemployment and problem of communication in the business world. Also the youth would be engaged to prevent them from been vulnerable to social vices like drug abuse, teenage pregnancy etc. It would also reduce the high rate of computer illiteracy among the youth in Ghana and create interest in the youth in the ICT field of studies.

Our Impact

GIBICTS has a very good success story to tell. Since 2000, we have trained numerous numbers of youth in the ICT field. Some of these youth were able to further it and are now holding BSc. In Information Technology and also gainfully employed. Majority are also working with their certificates in reputable companies like Newmont Mining Ltd, and other private and governmental institutions.

In collaboration with Newmont Gold Ltd., which is one of the best mining companies in the world and in conjunction with OLIVIES, we were able to organize free computer classes for 100 Junior and Senior High school students in the Birim North District in the 2010. We have also donated computers to schools and youth clubs in the district to help them establish computer laboratories in their schools and Offices for administrative purposes. So far, Newmont, the District Assembly and other organizations and institutions in the Eastern Region have employed about 50% of the trainees.

Programs Offered

Our trainees can acquire professional certificates in the ICT Programs. We also prepare them towards the IT Examination by WAEC and NVTI.


MS – Office Package
Desktop Publishing Package (Publisher, Adobe Suite, Coral Draw)
Computer Hardware
General Business Certificate Examination (GBCE) in ICT
Diploma in Business Administration (ABCE)
Diploma in Information Technology (ABCE)

Single subject entry (students can register for the above courses with either WAEC, NVTI, and City & Guilds)

Other Courses are
Computer Networking
Computer Hardware
Programming (Visual Basic, C+, Java)
Software (Microsoft Windows, MS-Office Suite, Coral Draw, Adobe Suite, Video Editing )
Photography and Video Production