SDG 17: Fostering Collaborative Partnerships for Sustainable Development

Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) requires collective action and collaboration across sectors. At GIBICT, we recognize the power of partnerships in driving progress towards these goals. As part of our dedication to SDG 17 – Partnership for the Goals, we are proud to partner with a diverse range of stakeholders.

Our Commitment to SDG 17

Our partnerships extend across borders and sectors, reinforcing our commitment to fostering meaningful and impactful collaborations. Here are some of the key partnerships that drive our efforts towards achieving SDG 17:

  • Ministry of Food and Agriculture: We work closely with government agencies to align our initiatives with national development priorities.
  • All African Students Union: Collaboration with student organizations enables us to engage youth leaders and harness their energy and passion for driving positive change.
  • Eastern Region Optimist International: Our partnership amplifies our efforts to promote optimism, resilience, and empowerment among vulnerable communities, youth, and women.
  • Humanity Project Africa in Nigeria: We work together to address pressing humanitarian challenges and promote social inclusion and human rights.
  • First Brainery Foundation in Nigeria: Partnering with the First Brainery Foundation allows us to empower individuals, strengthen communities, and foster sustainable development through education and capacity-building initiatives.

Join Us

These partnerships exemplify our holistic approach to sustainable development, where we leverage collective expertise, resources, and networks to create lasting impact. Together, we are committed to advancing SDG 17 and building a more inclusive, resilient, and sustainable future for all. Join us in our journey towards partnership-driven progress and sustainable development. Together, we can achieve more.