The overall objective of the GCYD Vocational/Technical Training Programs for youth in particular, is to build the capacity of the youth and encourage them to develop their professional and technical skills. It also supports youth in entering the labour market or creating rural micro-enterprises. The programme is targeted at uneducated youth, job-seeking youth, youth who have not been able to attend a first vocational training programme, and youth who wish to start a business in one of the fields identified by the programme.

This intervention provides Training; For Vocational/Technical Training Programs, Entrepreneurial and Microenterprises development.
Training includes:
(a) Vocational training in skills for sustainable income generation activities (including food production, sewing, soap making, bricklaying, beads making, etc)
(b) Technical Training (Electricals, Plumbing, Building Technology and Wielding)
(c) Entrepreneurship and business management training including basic financial management, budgeting, planning and skills marketing to encourage profitable and self-sustaining income generation. The training is market driven and training providers are hired under performance-based contracts.
Entrepreneurial support which includes:
(a) Microcredit through the subsidized provision of start-up tool kits (equipment, initial materials)
(b) Mentoring and supervisory visits for trained youth as they launch new business activities (e.g. advising on budgeting, bookkeeping, and accounting).